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Remedy band members consist of three of Brisbane/Gold Coast’s well seasoned players

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December 27, 2019 @ 8:30 pm

With an ever evolving covers music scene in the last decade, few bands can truly say that they can adapt and cater for the needs of various venues and booking agencies. Bands that can deliver a solid product while showcasing a consistent and professional package whether it’s for solo acts, duos or full band/production. This is Remedy. We understand that each venue, and town will have different demands, we cater for all levels of budgets and production requirements. Needless to say if you need a band that can adapt to suit all styles, venues and events. This is Remedy.
THE BAND The core Remedy band members consist of three of Brisbane/Gold Coast’s well seasoned players; both in the originals and covers circuit. With musical experience spanning for over 70 years between all three members, there is no doubt as to the high levels of performance this band can deliver, every night.
Mike Edwards – Bass & Vocals The key member, and founder of the band. Mike’s experience vocal capabilities and bass playing style came as a result of acclaimed success in both the original and covers scene since the early 90s. Mike has enjoyed various recording releases, national touring and major support endeavours through his previous bands/acts – The Pumpernickels and Nemesis (1992 -1996) and even boasting support for bands like Goanna, Mondo Rock, Richard Clapton just to name a few. All valuable experiences which to this day, have benefitted his approach to maintaining a presence spanning 30 years involved in the Queensland music industry.
Justin Richards – Guitars & Vocals As the guitarist and vocalist of the group, Justin is backed by industry experience and knowledge thanks to his various projects and accomplishments. Having established many years of covers experience, his onstage instincts and broad musical repertoire is immediately obvious. The ultimate all around guitarist, https://www.mallacoota.org.au/mdhss/cialis-tadalafil/ whether you needs tunes from the classic rock era, or current dance & pop.
Bryan Macaranas – Drums The newest member of the band, only joining in 2014, Bryan quickly established his own repertoire from years of experience in the industry.
His main background is from the originals music scene, and studio session/free-lance work. His most notable body of work revolved around the band Glockenspiel (1996-2003) where he enjoyed multiple recordings, touring and support for bands like Steve Vai, Screaming Jets and The Cruel Sea; just to name a few. But starting his involvement into the covers music scene in 2003, he has never looked back since and built a large repertoire in music as well.
Remedy is a band that can cater for all types of events – this is ultimately what makes the band one of the busiest and sought after acts in Brisbane, Gold Coast and even into NSW and Sunshine Coast to this day. We love the challenges that different venues present, but ultimately we just look forward to playing beautiful music, and the way it should be played, to the enjoyment of the venue and establishment, the punters and communities. This is Remedy.

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