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Doors: 10am – Show: 10.30am
Tickets $16.50 Family of 4 $55


July 7 @ 10:30 am - 11:30 am


Tickets: $16.50
Family of 4: $55
Adults & kids are the same price

Children under 12 months are free on the knee
All ages – even the adults love it

Doors: 10.00am Show:  10.30am – 11.30am
Meet & Greet: 11.30am – 12pm

The Dinomaniacs show is here with a stage full of wonderful species. Tell us about the show?
THE DINOMANIACS is a highly interactive energetic DINOSAUR adventure which is suitable for the whole family!
At this ‘family show spectacular’ let your imagination run wild as you embark on an awe inspiring, exhilarating and gripping journey back in time with Toby the T-Rex, Trixi Triceratops, Ozzi & Oi! our Aussie dinosaurs, Tara (The Dino Queen),
Shaun (The DinoDoctor), PLUS many more prehistoric special guests!
Incorporating The Dinomaniacs original songs like “Rock & Roar”, “The Dino Dr” and “Dance with the Dinosaurs” together with some all-time classic toe tapping tunes that are sure to have everyone up and dancing.
There are plenty of surprises, songs, jokes and dancing, as well as exciting opportunities for the audience to get up close and personal with the dinosaurs.
There is a total of 7 dinosaurs as part of the show including none other than the uber famous Toby the T-Rex, Tara the Queen of all dinosaurs, and Shaun our eccentric Dino Dr. We will also be introducing our Aussie dinosaurs – Ozzi & Oi! Can you tell us about the cheeky crew?
Toby the T-Rex is a very cheeky dinosaur. He’s like a big puppy – he has a mind of his own and you never know what mischief he will get up to on the day.
Tara and Shaun have known each other since high school and their rapport on stage is magical – bouncing off each other with quirky dialogue and sometimes going off script to suit the vibe – every show is unique.
We like to promote our cast as – Real People – no pretentiousness which is very warming to the audience.
They both sing live – no miming! And it’s high energy dancing.
This is your third year on tour and each year it’s proven to become more and more popular. Why do you think that is?
I think it’s because we really focus in on interaction with our audiences – inviting them to join in the show with our modern music – especially our original songs – they have a very 80s-90s sound to them.
We also keep up to date with trends on the internet and social trends that the audience can relate to and incorporate them into the show. This keeps it fresh, current and funny.
We have added a lot of tongue in cheek humour that the parents have a chuckle but goes over the kids’ heads.
We have had past patrons see up to 4 of our shows and they say it’s a different show again – we love that feedback as we work hard to make it fresh. That’s why I think it’s grown from strength to strength.
Interactive, fun and educational at the same time, what can viewers expect from the performance?
We give the power to the kids to be in control of our dinosaurs – so the kids aren’t scared as they hold the power .They help us train our dinosaurs.
Along with lots of laughs, dancing, singing along and role playing.
What do you enjoy the most about sharing this special production with an audience?
It’s the joy we see on kids’ faces and how they interact with the show – with smiles all round – even the parents get involved in dancing and singing along. It’s also wonderful to see the parents and carers enjoying their
time with their kids together. It’s not every day you can spend a day with dinosaurs!


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