QuizzaMe! Free Trivia

QuizzaMe Returns, December Celebration

$500 Cash Trivia Team Jackpot

Free Entry: 6:30pm registration

All teams receive a complimentary nibbles platter on Mon 6th December

$500 cash jackpot- guaranteed to be won on Monday 27th December

Free Schooner of Softdrink

$5 Young Henry’s Schooners

Spot Prizes


*Terms & Conditions Apply



6th December 2021 until 27th December

  • Interactive quiz game show style event to recommence on Monday 6 December in Sports 1 Lounge at 7.00pm
  • QuizzaMe! Is a hosted event through the Full House Group
  • Registration from 6.30pm, Trivia Game commences at 7.00pm
  • Participants to abide by the ‘Full House Group Rules of Entry’ on display during the game.
  • Use of a mobile phone or any other electronic device to look up answers is not allowed. If caught doing this the result will be disqualification.
  • “December Celebration” Dates: Dec 6, Dec 13, Dec 20, Dec 27
  • Weekly prizes will consist of the following: 1st $25 RSL Gift Card, 2nd $15 RSL Gift Card, 3rd  $10 RSL Gift Card
  • Should there be two or more winners for first place, second place or third place, a play-off question will be asked determining the winner and the second place with no other prizes.



  • At the conclusion of our weekly trivia game we will have our CASH Jackpot promotion.
  • The team with the highest score each week will be given Three (3) Jackpot questions.
  • To win the CASH Jackpot all three (3) questions must be answered correctly.
  • The Jackpot will start at $100 CASH and increase by $50 each week to a maximum of $500
  • The Jackpot will be capped at $500 CASH
  • $500 Jackpot guaranteed to go off on Monday 27th December
  • Each time the Jackpot is won it will re-commence at $100 the following week.
  • NB. Staff participation – is allowed for weekly prizes, CASH Jackpot participation is based on teams that are made up of 50% or above of non-Ballina RSL staff participants each week.


“QuizzaMe Returns: December Celebration” F&B OFFER

  • “December Offer: Free Schooner of Softdrink”– 1 voucher per person, must be used on the day
  • “December Offer: $5 Young Henry’s Schooners”– must be used on the day
  • Mon 6th December all teams receive a complimentary Food platter- one (1) per table







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