5.00pm: Tickets On Sale 6.00pm: Trivia Questions
6.15pm: Draw to Commence 6.45pm: Trivia Answers

30 Raffle prizes consisting of Meat Trays and Caltex Fuel Cards

  • This promotion is to be run between 5.00pm and 7.00pm each Tuesday.
  • There are 30 raffle prizes, consisting of Meat Trays and Caltex Petrol Cards.
  • The Trivia winner receives $50 in YR points if a member or RSL Gift card if non-member.
  • Raffle tickets are 10 numbers for $1.00.
  • Tickets will be issued between 5pm and 6.15pm each Tuesday
  • Trivia questions from 6.00pm (raffle tickets still on sale during questions)
  • People participating in the Trivia questions must do so within eyesight of the caller (Sports lounges)
  • Use of a mobile phone or any other electronic device to look up answers is not allowed. If caught doing this the result will be disqualification.
  • At the conclusion of the Trivia questions participants have 5 minutes from the end of the last question to return answer sheets to raffle caller for marking.
  • Trivia answer sheets with no player name will not be marked.
  • Trivia answer sheets returns after the 5 minutes last call will not be marked.
  • Only one answer per question. More than one answer on a question will not be allowed and will be marked wrong.


  • Raffle draw will commence at 6.15pm at the conclusion of the Trivia questions.
  • Raffle winners will be determined by entering the first and last numbers issued into the Random Number Generator, results to be recorded on the worksheet provided.
  • Raffle winners will be notified audibly via the public address system and visually via the in-house electronic displays.
  • Each winning draw will be given 3 calls to present themselves in a reasonable period to the Promotion Host with their winning ticket. Then a fourth and final call will be made prior to a redraw taking place.
  • Winner’s choice from the selection of prizes on display.
  • The draw will commence at 6.15pm.
  • Trivia answers will be read at the raffle conclusion at 6.45pm.
  • Trivia winner will be announced once all Trivia entries have been marked 7.00pm
  • In the event of 2 or more winners, a random number draw will be done with the highest number being declared as winner.
  • Permit No. LTPM/18/03595


Prizes are to consist of the following

5   X Caltex Star Cards

25 X Meat trays

Daily Activities & Promotions


Wild Card – Win great prizes in our Wild Card promotion each Monday. Cards on Sale 9.15 am, Eyes Down 9:45am
Bingo – Books on Sale 9am,
Eyes Down 9:30am.
Tuesday Trivia Raffle – New Tuesday Raffle including a Free Trivia Game
with a $50 gift card to the winner Tickets from 5pm Trivia Questions 6pm Draws from 6.15pm
Bingo Books and pets on Sale 9am Eyes Down 9.30am
Wednesday Winners – FREE RAFFLE Tickets from 5pm. Drawn 6:30pm (LTPM/18/03595).
Bingo – Books on Sale from 9am,
Eyes Down from 9:30am.Double Your Chance Raffle – Meat, Seafood, Your Rewards Points & Caltex Petrol cards to be won. Tickets available from 5pm. Drawn 6pm
Bingo Books and pets on Sale 9am
Eyes Down 9.30am
TGIF Friday Raffles 
– Thank Goodness it’s Friday Raffles. Meat Trays, Seafood & Your Rewards Points to be won. Tickets from 5pm. Drawn 6pm (at conclusion of Ode).
Members Golden Dollar FREE RAFFLES – Win meat trays, Seafood & Your Reward Points. Tickets from 4pm – Draws from 5pm. (LTPM/18/03595)

Members Bonus Cash – Draws at 5.45pm (LTPS/19/34118) Jackpots by $500 each week not won. Must be won at $4,500. Starts at $1,000. Must be on premises to win.

Members Bonus Cash – Draws between 11.45am – 12pm (LTPS/19/34118)

Sunday Scorcher Raffles – Take home the Sunday Dinner. Meat & Seafood to be won. Tickets from 10am. Drawn 11am.


Think! About your choices
Call Gambling Help 1800 858 858

Member’s Bonus Cash Draws

Saturdays 5.45pm

  • 2 draws each Saturday
  • Saturday 23 November
  • Jackpot $4,000
  • Members must be at the Club to claim their prize
  • If not won, the prize money jackpots by $500 each week

Sundays 11:45am

  • 2 draws each Sunday
  • Sunday 24 November
  • Jackpot $1,500

Members must be at the Club to claim their prize.
If not won, the prize money jackpots by $500 each week.



Daily Prizes – YR Random Treasures

Swipe your card at the Member’s YR Kiosk at the Ballina RSL Club and you could be randomly selected to win a YR Treasure.

Members will have the choice to redeem one of the following vouchers if you are a YR Treasure winner

  • $2 Keno ticket
  • $3 Bingo book
  • $2 Raffle ticket voucher
  • $2 Coffee voucher




It’s Happy Hour

Every Monday to Friday between 4.30pm and 6pm, Members & Guests can receive a schooner of Tap Beer, a glass of Rothbury Wine or schooner of soft drink for the Happy Hour price of $4.70 each. With prices like that, it’s definitely time to visit your Club!

Ballina RSL practices the responsible service of alcohol.



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